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Scattered information: Gathering Tools bring it together

Expert BI Gathering tools

Created in 2003, Calame Software is a French publisher of Gathering Tools software that transforms data collection processes into integration flows. This stream is then directly integrated into the Information System.

Calame Software is an asset when the company faces structural data problems: data which is scattered, not easily accessible in the system, or which has not been entered in its entirety by users (missing data). Massive Excel use and its hundreds of scattered spreadsheets aggravates this phenomenon of decentralization and governance. Moreover, the tendency toward the increase in volume of data complicates the situation.

In this context, the implementation of a BI tool can be difficult. This is why our expertise on the Calame Software tool can be an asset in helping you resolve these issues and in optimizing your data flows for a BI project.


A solution that is both efficient and simplified

The strong point of the solution: its almost perfect “imitation” of Excel in terms of form and ergonomics, which allows your users to enter their data as usual, limiting the resistance to change. Calame combines all the features of Excel with those of a decision-making tool that secures the workflow, centralizes 100% of data, and automates the processes. In addition, its ability to handle large volumes will enable you to continue to integrate a lot of information, all while remaining synchronized with company standards.

Solution B.I implements the solution to guarantee you all its features:

  • Preparation of forms and transactions
  • Securing of data
  • Structuring of data
  • Creating the data-entry environment
  • Integration, centralization

Finally, your users will be able to launch management campaigns of very simple data collection. From a single tool, they will be able to manage all actions (consultation, validation, reminders)