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ETL tools and data collection / Informatica BI specialist
Solution B.I. has been collaborating with Informatica since 2004, becaming a preferred partner in 2010 and is recognised as such by the editor.

Informatica BI specialist

With more than 73% of expert missions and 1,500 days of projects per year, our BI know-how on the Informatica solution has allowed us to accompany our clients in their data integration projects for over 10 years now. Our BI consultants are certified by the publisher and undergo regular training to maintain an excellent expertise.

Because solutions evolve quickly, and in the spirit of continuous innovation, we ensure a regular technological watch over the latest product versions proposed by the publisher. This watch is enriched by our interventions and attendance during major partner events, as well as the realization by our consultants of POC (Proof Of Concept).


The reference ETL tool, robust and efficient

Need to control your huge data flow? For your data management projects, we propose consulting, implementation, and training missions for your teams on the Informatica Power Center solution in order to reduce delays, costs, and risks tied to your consolidation and/or migration projects.

Relying on this ETL platform, we build custom data warehouses and data marts. These data warehouses, both stable and efficient, will enable you to manage large volumes with great scalability. In addition, Informatica offers the possibility to cross-reference your internal and external data coming from all your business departments, taking into account the heterogeneity of sources and targets.

Finally, it renders your data sources more reliable, ensuring compliance with legal restrictions regarding data (logs, harmonization, level of detail, etc.)

These solutions allow all stakeholders – marketing, sales, customer relations, healthcare, banking, or insurance – to boost their productivity, accelerate their reporting, and learn to better know their customers through:


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