Monitoring customer profitability (distributors)


The sales department wants to analyze and simulate the profitability of its products with the distributors by using a fast, adaptable and user-friendly business intelligence solution.


  • Anticipate product dereferences.
  • Pilot and optimize different stages of trade relations.
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Target User Population

  • sales department (salesmen and top management)
  • Marketing Direction (product manager, research Officer)

Description and Value Added

Realization of a multi-dimensional application allowing to:

  • Compare profitability according to distributors/product (benchmark)
  • Analyze and measure the impact of innovations before they are launched
  • Simulate different scenarios of sales conditions

The tool is therefore used by the salespeople to do their day-to-day work and also to allo visibility at the level of the sales department.

The sales department can also use this tool to discuss the launch of innovations with the marketing department.

Process and sourcing

Fully automated Process from the sourcing of internal data using an ETL (from Sales force operational systems) to data retrieval.

The sourcing of distributor data is made from third party suppliers – sales receipt – consumer panels (Nielsen, IRI, Dunnhumby, other). Similarly, this sourcing can be automated from an ETL.

Key indicators (Key Performance indicators (KPI)

  • Economic Performance
  • Customer Margin Mass
  • Average selling price recorded