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Our values

What we believe in


A service provider and consulting company founded on 4 values, we draw on the qualities and competencies of the men and women who make up our teams. Our collaborators are the wealth and engine of our company. Following its participation in the largest European survey on work motivation, Solution B.I was named winner of the label HappyAtWork 2015 Our strong corporate culture, founded on values of excellence, teamwork, enthusiasm, and customer focus, allow us to unite all our employees around one priority: advise and support our clients in the most innovative and optimal fashion possible.

One principle: the “4 Es”



Solution B.I is made up of men and women who share, help each other, and who have understood the power of a group whose members are united.


Demanding and mindful of developing their skills, our employees make every effort to respect their commitments.


Solution B.I is first and foremost a team passionate about its profession, which renders each situation positive, each difficulty, to turn our clients’ problems into solutions.

Customer focus

Being a source of proposals in order to provide the most relevant solutions to the needs of the customer is an essential quality found in our consultants.