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In October 2009, three consulting partners decided to unite their expertise to push business intelligence ever further: Solution B.I was born. Their shared values will become those of the company and their consultants: enthusiasm, teamwork, excellence, and customer focus.

The founders :


Cédric FICHEUX, Associate Director

Cédric has a postgraduate degree in international trade. Simultaneously, he studied accounting and management. He began his career in management control in subsidiaries of French multinational companies.
After 5 years in this field, he redirected his career toward information systems by focusing on the development of Business Intelligence projects, with an expertise in EPM (Enterprise Performance Management).
In 2009 he founded Solution B.I, and continues to manage EPM projects while conveying the values of the company.







Loic COTTÉ, Associate Director

Loic obtained an engineering degree in 2004 from ESIEE Amiens, and a diploma of advanced studies in “Technologies of Information and Systems” from the Technical University at Compiègne.
He directed his career by integrating a subsidiary of a French multinational at London, where he participated in an IS overhaul project, particularly on reporting and decision support tools.
Passionate about BI, in 2007 he created a first independent service company, then participated in the founding of Solution B.I in 2009.
Very attached to the company’s values, he transmits his passion to his consultants on a daily basis.







Pierre ANDRIEU, Associate Director

Pierre has degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Business Management. He began his career in SSII in 2005, and quickly turned toward project management in Business Intelligence.
His area of expertise is Enterprise Performance Management. He leads major projects with Solution B.I clients.
He is a reflection of Solution B.I consultants: passionate about his profession, and concerned with bringing the best solution to business problems.