We are the key to provide information

We offer consulting and support to set up the ideal architecture for your domain and business.

Architecture BI

Depending on your needs and your ecosystem, we take action to offer you the IT tools and software packages ensuring the operation of the information processing chain.

This ideal architecture is organized into 4 action components:

  • Collecting: our ETL extraction tools allow you to extract and manage your data, as well as clean and consolidate them, to ensure traceable and standards-compliant data sources and render your decision-making tools more reliable.
  • Storing: we set up ETL-powered data warehouses to optimally store all your data and create a global and centralized repository.
  • Distributing: a decision-making portal will allow all your users to easily access the company’s information thanks to its synthesis and rendering capacities
  • Previewing: finally, to manage performance simply and quickly, we ensure the implementation of dashboards, readable KPIs, and reporting tools that each user can customize in order to offer you the best possible overview of your information.


Our BI consultants also answer your problems upstream :

  • Study of the existing architecture
  • Master Data Management Governance
  • Articulation of the various IS for all company entities