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Our Business Intelligence services / Technological Surveillance
In an ever-changing sector, keeping up to date is a priority

Technological Surveillance

At Solution B.I, we believe that constantly keeping an eye open for innovation enables us to work in intelligence. Providing you with excellent expertise and innovative know-how requires technological watch. This demanding activity, in line with our values, is above all a common character trait throughout our teams: the sense of curiosity, stemming from the passion that led them to their profession.

Internally, our dedicated watch team ensures one step ahead by identifying, analyzing, and disseminating new technologies, but also the key trends that change the business intelligence of tomorrow.

This regular and methodical observation is organized around several actions :

  • the implementation of a continuous RSS feed of the best articles, stemming from the general or specialized watch of each, as well as the watch guaranteed by our team of community managers on social networks: press, specialized magazines, blog, influential figures on Twitter, publisher innovations, etc.
  • the design-writing of internal articles dedicated to innovation, shared among all our employees
  • the realization of tool data sheets, proof of concept (POC), and in-house videos on the latest market offerings.
  • the internal pooling of our client cases, promoting best practices from the field
  • regular participation in fairs, forums, symposiums, conferences, and workshops related to all stakeholders in the BI sector, including abroad
  • the purchase and provision of new editorials.

Through all this collection and monitoring and analysis tools, we can:

  • offer you the best consulting methodologies, which have been put to the test
  • offer you excellent knowledge of the BI solutions of our different publishers, which will enable us to choose and custom-calibrate yours.
  • remain at the forefront of the market and anticipate the competition
  • rapidly identify innovations to adapt our practices and develop our competencies.

Upon your request, we perform tests and benchmarks of various tools based on criteria defined together.