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Our Business Intelligence services / Business Intelligence Infrastructure
Technology B.I, our hosting and infrastructure subsidiary

Business Intelligence Infrastructure

Created in 2011, Technology B.I is a Techno entity and subsidiary of Solution B.I that provides consulting in administration and hosting of BI systems.

To assist our clients on their business intelligence issues, Technology B.I offers all the necessary services for managing and implementing your technical architecture. The consultants provide the most adapted choice of material, with an appropriate installation and configuration to optimize your results.

We advise and assist you in the choice and implementation of technical infrastructures and software:

  • Public editor cloud solutions
  • Solutions in private editor cloud, but also on the infrastructure of Technology B.I
  • Hybrid Infrastructure
  • On-premise Infrastructure

Hosting on cloud for all your solutions (MicroStrategy, Oracle, etc.) offers you more flexibility, more space for your data volumes, and a faster time-to-market. We rely on an OVH host, made in France, which guarantees completely secure data.

Technology B.I and Solution B.I work in synergy, and propose a packaged development/hosting offer

Technology B.I accompanies its clients in their development process in connection with Solution B.I.

This synergy between the two entities and the proximity of the consultants allow us to offer you a package that makes your life easier. It makes it possible to limit technical problem encountered thanks to the same culture of expertise and the good communication between your interlocutors. With Technology B.I, we respond directly in synergy to your two needs.

Technology B.I adapts to your constraints

Our agility also allows us to offer you sandboxes and other testing platforms in very short delays and at a reasonable cost, in order to address monitoring or testing problems before integration of the solutions into your environment.
The availability of the platform can also be used within the framework of your Proof-of-concept (POC).

We work with publishers to guide the choice of the hardware and we conduct installation and software configuration.

We also intervene for technical migrations of tools or version upgrades.

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