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Training is the key to a competent and knowledgeable team

BI Training

At Solution B.I, all our consultants receive regular training and are certified by the publisher on at least one reference solution.

We rely on this certification to ensure you the best possible expertise. For this, we guarantee and valorize the double-profile of our consultants, both expert in consulting and technical expert on innovative tools.

Things evolve very quickly in the world of BI: new solutions are created each year, and it can be difficult to keep up to date in light of these many innovations, especially for companies who are not BI specialists.

Your in-house teams wish to acquire more in-depth knowledge of a solution? Upon request, we carry out training sessions – either in-house or at your facilities – covering the following issues :

  • Developing competencies on the features of a business intelligence tool, training on advanced features, “tips & tricks” in accordance with your specific needs
  • Getting started with your environment and your intelligence applications tools.

These courses will be the opportunity for your teams to develop new talents, and manage your solutions with autonomy.

At Solution B.I, we believe in the importance of the human before the tool: your teams need to feel agile on a solution in order to want to use it! A training session will be the guarantee of a good return on investment of the implementation of a BI tool.

We also work in collaboration with partner companies that can provide you with training that does not correspond to our area of expertise.