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At Solution BI, we specialize in data analysis and performance management. Our consultants cover all aspects of business intelligence, big data and data science: industry requirements, choice of software solution, architecture and infrastructure deployment, turnkey outsourcing. More than a mission, our passion is helping companies maximize their data, perform better and improve their decision-making.

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"Performance underpins everything we do: management control, budget management, finance... We speak your language and help you meet your day-to-day challenges."


Associate director

« The most excited part of the job is to work alongside professional project managers who have leaded EPM projects for more than a decade. This strong experience give us a better understanding of the customer expectations and thus, we managed to provide a tremendous solution for our customers on time, with a clean template and an accurate finance report »

Sovannarath VAR,

EPM Consultant - Solution BI Cambodia

« Nothing brings us more pleasure than helping a client increase their performance through the world of Analytics and data-driven insights. It is enough to know that the value of data is being appreciated and to see decision makers realize the power of using the past to predict and improve the future »


Business Intelligence Consultant - Solution BI Middle East

People behind your data

Solution BI’s values are simple and authentic. What makes us different is our advanced expertise, which is key to our teams’ credibility. We strive to offer reliable and robust services. By bringing our clients a unique "data" experience and facilitating our coworkers’ development, we’re well on the way to responsible and controlled growth.

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Our teams provide technological expertise that’s backed by certifications

Team spirit

Our coworkers have the strength in numbers our clients need

Responsible growth

Our international development is guided by actual requirements on the ground


The level and quality of their expertise set our consultants apart

Client responsiveness

Our experts tailor their technological responses to our clients’ expectations

Going global

The Solution BI Group

Solution BI is present in seven countries, across all continents.

Since 2015, our international expansion has had three ambitions:

supporting our clients around the world with a 24/7 service and local expertise

– exporting our model and expertise to new areas

offering our teams international career opportunities.

Solution BI France

Solution BI launched in France in 2009.

Staying true to the model that first brought us success, the more than 80 consultants in our Paris office offer a unique mix of EPM and BI expertise underpinned by lasting partnerships with decision-support system publishers. The team has a services center and provides managed services.

Solution BI Canada Inc

In 2016, Solution BI opened its first subsidiary outside France, in Canada.

From their offices in Toronto and Montreal, the team’s 85 consultants have gained a solid position in the local “business intelligence” landscape. Their expertise is delivered under three brands: Analytics, Finance and La Fabrique (services center).

Solution BI Middle East

Solution BI founded its subsidiary in Dubai in 2015, where the team has twenty or so consultants. These technical or business experts support the development of major companies in the region (aeronautics, distribution, administration) via consultancy projects and training services. They also draw on the resources of Solution BI’s services center in Cambodia.

Solution BI USA

Solution BI opened its New York office in 2017.

It brings together ten or so expert financial consultants and specialists in the data science technologies that have become key to the performance of major groups. Solution BI USA also draws on the resources of Solution BI Canada, particularly its services center.

Solution BI Cambodia

Solution BI expanded into Cambodia in 2016.

The subsidiary primarily includes technical experts. It provides operational support to other Solution BI entities as part of client projects or the development of decision-analysis solutions.

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