Qlikview / Qliksense

QlikView & QlikSense, the solutions that reveal the wealth hidden in your data!

Qlik is a BI discovery tool publisher and one of the world’s leaders in its field, competing alongside other major industry players such as Tableau and Microsoft.

To meet today’s BI challenges, Qlik has designed two tools:

  • QlikView, the leading platform for guided BI applications on the market : used for developing and deploying powerful applications, structured analytically to facilitate the exploration and discovery of “business” data
  • QlikSense, self-service data visualization for business users: allows anyone to create interactive, easily modifiable visualizations and explore them even more intuitively

Our expertise

Solution BI has been delivering Qlik expertise since 2009

Our BI consultants implement, migrate and customize Qlik solutions tailored to the needs of each company, and then provide team training and application maintenance services.

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