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Dodeca, an innovative set of tools

Dodeca enables decision-makers to build, manage and control all their spreadsheets via a single agile interface that creates them directly via EPM and ERP systems. The solution is easy to use with an Excel add-in, and can be combined with other solutions such as Oracle Essbase and those published by Microsoft or IBM.

Among its other additional features, Dodeca offers a user-friendly add-in for Essbase that makes the system easy to grasp and use. A specific filter is installed to optimize navigation and put the right information at users’ fingertips in real time.

Dodeca also manages the data entered by these users, ensuring secure workflow control and making the entire decision-making process more reliable.

Last but not least, Dodeca makes it easy for users to instigate data collection campaigns and oversee all the associated activities such as consultation, validation and follow-up via a single tool.

Solution BI has been a Worldwide Partner of Dodeca since 2017

Worldwide Partners of Dodeca since 2017, our teams of experts will help you implement the platform and transform your Excel reporting into a highly reliable analytics solution based around a single user-friendly interface.

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“The DODECA solution presented by Solution BI France seemed to me to be the best alternative. It corresponded perfectly to our expectations, and even more, and went much further than the previous solution"

Christophe Servolin, Functional Project Manager - SVR

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