Setting up a dashboard with 360° vision

  • Practice
  • Team

1 Architect, 1 Bus. Analyst, 1 Tech Lead, 2 Dev

  • Technical environment
1 source
centralized information
A unique vision
Time saving
to access information
  • Give the Individual, Professional and Very Small Business Market entity a 360° view of its business and performance.
  • Have a vision that is specific to each level of management: top management, product management, regional sales management, etc.
  • Reconcile the different visions within the Market: commercial, financial, risk, customer...
  • Business worshops to define measures, business rules and KPI selection by steering stratum
  • Information gathering on data sources and business rules
  • Development of data models and multidimensional cubes
  • Development of data dictionary and business glossary
  • UI/UX workshops to develop the Power BI user experience
  • User configuration and access rights
  • Assistance in setting up tools and technical environments
  • A complete roadmap for the implementation of 360° management on PowerBI, including the technical and business populations.
  • New business cases are defined and planned for execution and implementation, articulated around a roadmap.
  • Solution BI has enabled us to reconcile the different visions/readings of data and accelerate the delivery of KPIs to the various entities.