+ 300
new business users
Business units
  • Unfair and incomparable HR Employee performance analysis
  • Time consuming manual tasks
  • No security
  • Difficult Maintenance
  • Workaround and non-standard solutions
  • Less involvement of key business users
  • Automated KPIs for each employee and business operations
  • Top to bottom scorecard analysis
  • Pre-calculated scores, Actual – Target analysis
  • More insights, Drill-down and Roll-up capabilities
  • Enterprise data model
  • Data entry screens and more business user involvement
  • Technologies: Oracle, Informatica, MicroStrategy
  • High number of new users introduced to the Microstrategy.
  • Greater transparency between management and business entities
  • Faster and automated data processing.
  • Enterprise data warehouse and standards
  • 350 KPI are now in place, serving more than 100 business users across 20 divisions and business units.
  • With the help of the KPI and Scorecard Management Module, users enable to create new KPI, update parameters also creating their own Scorecards and assigning to the other team members completely in business user control