Automate and improve reliability of data collection

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  • AMBIONER was commissioned by BROCCOLINI (design, construction and management of real estate assets and complexes) to develop and implement an energy management plan for one of its new buildings: the new Maison Radio-Canada.
  • Since this complex energy monitoring required them to use a large amount of collected information, AMBIONER was motivated to set up a powerful tool enabling them to automate data collection.
  • A major technological challenge lies in the ability to massively process data from a wide variety of connected objects (IoT) in very large numbers
  • To meet their needs, it quickly became apparent that the combination of SNOWFLAKE for data warehousing and POWER BI for the proposed reporting functions was the most appropriate solution.
  • Regarding the large flow of data to be processed daily, the ELT functionality of Snowflake was more than necessary to fulfill this mission.
  • Then, these data and results are organized to be returned in the form of clear, readable and understandable reports, with the data visualization solution from Microsoft: POWER BI
  • Significant time saving on processes for updating the document
  • Simplification, optimization & modernization of the reporting process
  • Day-to-day Data management for each user through their account
  • More reliable reports with nearly zero errors