Putting real-time BI in the cloud

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1 Architect,1 Tech Lead, 1 Dev

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One unique
Data Platform for the group and its subsidiaries for analytics
of initial BI functions redesigned and migrated
One unique
roadmap for the whole technical and functional program
  • BI saturates operational systems that can't only handle so much work. The data comes from 180 separate operational databases
  • Access in real time to data is resource constrained and does not allow operational staff to function effectively.
  • The technical underpinnings are not aligned with IDL's strategic choices for Cloud / BIaaS.
  • The desire to centralize all of the company's data and the limitations of the current system make it appropriate to modernize IDL's data platform globally for better performance and scalability.
  • Solution BI's expertise in all technologies of the Oracle / Db2 / SqlServer /BO and Snowflake data environment allows for a migration that takes into account the differences in function or ergonomics between the tools and secures the costs of the target platform.
  • Benchmarking of real-time replication tools (4 software solutions).
  • The data base on Db2 / Oracle / SqlServer is switched and unified on SnowFlake,
  • The BO application environments are re-connected to SnowFlake without any functional impact or service interruption for the business.
  • A complete transformation plan allows for transition and ownership by all business and IT populations
  • New business cases are defined and planned for execution and implementation, articulated around a roadmap
  • After this first large-scale project, the group provides its subsidiaries with an internal offer to help them replicate their data in real time in the data warehouse