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1 architect, 1 Senior Data Engineer, 1 Data Engineer, 1 Project Manager

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analytic platform
response time
  • Create a centralized, scalable data platform for the 17 African banking subsidiaries
  • Consolidate all data from the Core Banking System as well as from additional source systems specific to each subsidiary
  • Provide a shared, robust platform capable of handling the different uses of data within the Group
  • The study of architectural requirements enabled us to choose an ambitious target and the components most in line with strategic choices
  • Processes were developed in a fully parameterized way, enabling reuse of developments for the various subsidiaries. This can be described as a data ingestion framework
  • Data ingestion orchestration was switched from Airflow to Azure Data Factory
  • A robust, optimized file system taking advantage of delta file parquet functionalities
  • A single platform centralizing all data from 17 banking subsidiaries
  • Optimized processing vs. previous pilot architecture: 4 to 5x savings in processing time and 2 to 3x in data storage capacity
  • Robust and flexible data ingestion, transformation and recycling processes for easier maintenance
  • A new, aggregated view of data across the entire African perimeter, opening up a multitude of new UseCases that can be accessed in a chosen timeframe