Development of a dashboard for the credit use case

  • Practice
  • Team

1 Architect, 1 Sr Business Analyst, 1 Data Engineer, 1 Sr Data Analyst

  • Technical environment
Intuitive Interface
with a well thought-out UX/UI design
Common Dashboard
for credit activities
Efficient Management
of various subsidiaries
  • Having set up the centralized data platform containing central banking system data from all 15 banking subsidiaries, the customer wishes to execute a series of use cases to extract value from the platform.

  • The first use case concerns credit activities, requiring a common dashboard for the various subsidiaries to manage their activities.
  • Business workshops: Organization of workshops to define appropriate metrics, business rules and KPI selection.
  • Data modeling: Creation of data models and multidimensional cubes.
  • Data dictionary and glossary: Development of a data dictionary and business glossary.
  • UX/UI workshops: Organization of UX/UI workshops to improve user experience with Power BI.
  • User configuration: Configuration of users and access rights for each profile/geography.
  • Dashboard implementation: Implementation of a Power BI dashboard.
  • Intuitive Interface: An intuitive interface with well-thought-out UX/UI.

  • Common Credit Management: A common dashboard for credit activities, homogenizing KPI readings across all subsidiaries.

  • Efficient Central Management: Solution BI facilitated more effective central management of the activities of various subsidiaries, speeding up the activity management process.