35% reduction time
in ETL processes and Data availability
1/2 day per week saved
for evry report developer
Maturity objectives reached
for Data culture and confidence in the company
  • Miscommunication between business units and development team.
  • The operational applications datasets does not meet the quality requirements, as there is not a predefined data dictionary at the enterprise level. Hence, projects produce duplicates of datasets in the EDWH environment.
  • Performance issues in the production environment:
  • Not enough resources and unnecessary logs kept on the DWH database leads to delays the deployment activities and the ETL schedules.
  • Data Warehouse Maintenance Plan for system improvement (skewness and shrinking) it is not implemented properly.
  • Issues occurred during the UAT phase due to lack of necessary production datasets in the UAT environment.
  • Provide qualified business intelligence and analytics consultants to design and develop business intelligence reports, dashboards, datasets and data marts to address RTA’s internal/external stakeholders’ needs on RTAs existing Smart Decision Support Centre (SDSC).
  • Dashboard transformation in-keeping with latest industry standards.
  • Implement agile methodology into the BI change process.
  • Improve ETL framework to better support high demand processes.
  • Enhance the performance of ad-hoc reporting through better database structure, indexing and partitioning.
  • Evident BI maturity across the enterprise.
  • ETL performance enhancement – execution time reduced with 35%.
  • 30 minutes less effort per developer per day on average.
  • Improvement on the performance of the team and on the quality of the work.
  • Improve the data quality within BI projects.
  • The implemented projects save time and dependency of technical manpower resources utilized and free them to focus on other productive & critical assignments.