Implementation of a specialized business cloud data warehouse

  • Practice
  • Team

1 project manager / architect, 1 consultant​

  • Technical environment
Efficient & automatic
monthly or annual extraction
Data collection
and transformation processes
  • The absence of a database and the management and integration of numerous flat files in Power BI
  • Maintenance of numerous transformations within the reporting tool
  • Manual, time-consuming process and degraded performance (ingestion and transformation processing, restitution)
  • Optimization and automation of Essbase extraction reports
  • Deployment of Oracle Autonomous Datawarehouse and activation of automatic indexing
  • Deployment of OCI Data Integration cloud ELT
  • Use of OCI Object Storage to help organize reference and financial data, and secure and archive them
  • More efficient and automatic monthly or annual extraction of data from Essbase
  • A high-performance database consolidating all reference and financial data
  • Data collection and transformation processes carried out in a specialized, high-performance solution
  • Implementation of processing workflows tailored to specific needs: integration as and when required, or reprocessing of exhaustive historical data for improved performance.