Prepare EPM capabilities with a modern Cloud Platform for Reporting & Performance Analysis

  • Practice
  • Team

Business team : 1 PM, 1 business analyst Tech team : 1 PM, 1 BI expert, 1 Essbase expert

  • Technical environment
Forecast at the fingertips
for business users
Analytics capabilities
with the highest level of trust in the collected data
2 technical domains aligned
both relational and multi-dimensional
  • Long lead times for monthly reporting and analysis
  • Manual extractions and consolidations from software systems and reporting in Excel strain quality and resources
  • More time spent collecting data and producing reports than analyzing and explaining
  • Limited dissemination of reporting to operational level
  • Difficulty in producing regulatory data for regulators and supervisors
  • Difficulty in producing forecasts
  • Mixed skills team with strong Finance and Oracle expertise.
  • Analysis of the existing system and modeling of the business flows and procedures to be automated.
  • Mixed relational-multidimensional modeling to guarantee scalability and richness of analysis.
  • Design and implementation of a modern and full cloud architecture that organizes the existing functionalities and simplifies their evolution.
  • Structuring and distribution of the reporting to the residence managers.
  • The data and management outputs are centralized and governed.
  • Most of the operational data goes back to the management model in RPA mode.
  • Data qualification has become ultra fast.
  • Sharing and distribution are immediate, secure and simplified, accessibility is both total (cloud) and controlled (authorizations).
  • Seeing a single, historical version of data and indicators enables the users to plan and forecast.