Implement a custom solution to plan using power bi

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1 Architect, 1 Functional/Tech Lead, 3 dev, 1 Business Analyst, 1 UX Designer

  • Technical environment
days won to get the data
unique platform
reporting and writeback tool
  • Our clients' bottoms-up budget processes for raw ingredients procurement required significant manual data collection and organization
  • Because there was no centralized tool, Materials Procurement and Supply Chain Finance teams spend most of their time on
    • data collection and validation
    • data organization
    • manual work and estimation to tie out manual/offline excel models
  • This led to long process times, concerns on accuracy and lack of dynamic analysis to understand market changes
  • Solution BI’s expertise in Data Integration, process improvement and Budgeting/Planning made possible the creation of a tailored solution using:
    • custom file integration process for Excel mass uploads
    • Snowflake for data storage
    • PowerON / Power BI for data entry, back-end calculations and reporting
  • This project helped our client to make its planning process more standardized. Instead of handling multiple excel files and offline models, the users are now able to access everything through one centralized platform through the Power BI web interface using PowerON’s write-back engine
  • Thanks to this new platform, our client has an automated process with an improved planning accuracy with the option to create multiple scenarios to plan for different market dynamics
  • The users are also able to spend more time doing detailed analysis and explain their P&L variances