Migration and securing of the corporate reporting platform

  • Practice
  • Team

2 Essbase experts, 1 business expert, 1 IT project Mgr

  • Technical environment
1 month
to move the solution to the cloud
1 year
of smooth functional enhencements before the cloud switch, in order to validate the upgrade
A clear vision
of the user interface to be enhanced for better autonomy
  • Obsolescence and instability of the current reporting platform
  • Desire for a rapid transition to the cloud, as soon as the stable version of Oracle Essbase (v11) is implemented
  • 2 complete applications to be migrated for both reporting and budgeting
  • Replacement of the Excel Add-In for better office compatibility, editor support, and functional advantages (native multi-cube navigation)
  • Setting up a mixed team, both functional and technical, for a project support that adapts to the needs and availability of the business and offers the expected expertise on a permanent basis
  • Valorization of the final functionalities of the new version of Oracle EssBase (11) with consideration of support needs and evolution towards the Cloud for redevelopment
  • Redesign and securing of the ingestion logics, initially incompatible with the upgrade, as built with another software in the subsidiaries (CDR Prism)
  • A perfect functional understanding with the business and finance departments, to ensure the relevance of the migration and evolutions
  • A move of applications to the Cloud in 1 month, after a year of smooth new production
  • A customer team capable of ensuring its own functional evolutions
  • Awareness of the need to enrich and centralize user interfaces (Dodeca study)