+ 5000
users migrated on the new platform
+ 100
reports available in Power BI
+ 4 000 000
transaction managed everyday

The company integrates as a subsidiary, the historical provider of the management of its loyalty programs

The loyalty know-how is valuable and the applications work perfectly, but the technical foundations are not aligned with Air Canada's Azure and PowerBI strategic choices

The opportunity to merge makes it timely to globally modernize Air Canada's data platform for more performance and scalability capabilities


The Solution BI know-how on both PowerBI and Microstrategy environments allows both a migration with consideration of the differences in function or ergonomics between the tools and to integrate the evolution requests

The study of the architecture needs allows to choose an ambitious target and the components that are most in line with the strategic IT choices

The data base on Teradata is switched to Azure with Synapse and SnowFlake ; Microstrategy and Tableau application environments are transposed to PowerBI


A complete transformation plan allows for the transition and ownership by all business and IT populations

New business cases are defined and planned for execution and implementation, based on a shared roadmap

The BI Self-Service strategy gives greater autonomy to the business and allows for a better distribution of the workload on the governance of the reports with the IT team