Optimization of Reporting Processes

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Laboratoires Pierre Fabre is a French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics group.

  • Technical environment
Unified reporting
across all entity perimeters and territories
Easier controls
and reconciled discrepancies
Reduced times
for loading, consolidation and data delivery
  • Simplify the existing architecture by merging the CORPO and FRANCE reporting cubes.
  • HFM splits monthly into two cubes :
  • The CORPO cube contains all group entities for a consolidated France perimeter.
  • The FRANCE cube covers the France entities on a detailed geographic perimeter.
  • Degraded performance due to many axes of analysis.
  • Significant volumetrics that impact the availability of applications.
  • Optimize access to reporting data and facilitate complete and detailed perimeter access through a single application.
  • Streamline master data management by eliminating double handling.
  • Factually reconcile the France perimeter currently heterogeneous between the CORPO and FRANCE cubes and a source of discrepancies.
  • Reduce interfaces from and to HFM.
  • Simplify the technical administration processes.
  • Unified reporting across all entity perimeters and territories within a single repository.
  • Easier controls and reconciled discrepancies.
  • Clear improvements:
  • Reduced loading times.
  • Reduced consolidation times.
  • Faster data delivery.
  • Simplified master data management.
  • Fewer incoming and outgoing interfaces.
  • Reduced downtime due to faster backup times and no restructuring delays.