Procurement Reporting

  • Practice
  • Team

1 Power BI expert, 2 developpers

  • Technical environment
of business analysts trained to self-service
reduction in data products maintenance
3 x more
automated and controlled reports
  • The promise of self-service BI is severely limited: business teams are not sufficiently familiar with the Power BI tool, and report production is too limited and uncontrolled.
  • Project led by the Procurement Analytics Team Purchasing Department for Accor Investment Reporting
  • Service Center type project
  • Collection of business requirements
  • Reengineering of ETL packages to feed the DWH and maintenance of database objects (tables, views, ...)
  • Training of users to Power BI and data models
  • Writing of the technical documentation
  • Source control and versioning with GitHub 
  • Adoption of Power BI reports and tool
  • Minimized DWH maintenance costs
  • Facilitated knowledge transfer
  • Secure deployment through source control