Implementation of a new reporting tool​

  • Practice
  • Team

15 consultants : Finance Analysts, Data Architects, Data Analysts, Project Managers​

  • Technical environment
Standard financial reports
Consolidated data
identical to that of the Finance division
BI module
  • The client desired a company-wide standardized flexible reporting tool for their financial data.​

  • The consolidation tool did not offer such capabilities.​
  • The client selected Solution BI to quickly provide support for the day-to-day administration of the tool, as well as its short-term evolution.​

  • The consultant also had to train another administrator who joined shortly after the start of the mandate.​
  • Created standard financial reports, easy to use​

  • Implemented visual dashboards, using the same consolidated data the finance office uses​

  • Allowed the production of custom reporting, ready-to-use books​

  • Built a self-service BI module for users to build their own financial reports​