Securize and modernize existing reporting processes

  • Practice
  • Team

1 Project Mgr, 1 offshore Expert, 3 Developers

  • Technical environment
2 days
saved on monthly closing
8 times faster
for controls before closing
3 times faster
for data collection and consolidation
A double functional challenge:
  • Simplify budget entry forms : SVR's Excel files, interfaced with Essbase, are excessively complex and therefore difficult to use and to maintain. Migrating all Excel reports to a new solution was considered but was costly.
  • Giving greater autonomy to subsidiaries in consulting their P&L by finding an alternative to the current central distribution process

A technical challenge:
  • To circumvent the obsolescence of the widely used Excel Add'In, and to avoid being blocked by outdated Excel versions
  • Audit of the existing system, context analysis and recommendation of the Dodeca solution
  • Implementation of workshops and realization in agile mode, with micro V-cycles on detailed specifications
  • The reporting and budget masks developed in Excel/VBA are ported to the Dodeca SMS application, optimized and then enriched (drill2adhoc, drill-through, comment entry, workflow).
  • Excel reports that are not ported are used with Dodeca Add'In and without the need to migrate or adapt the VBA code
  • Subsidiaries can access their P&L in real time.
  • Users benefit from a modern, ergonomic and efficient interface.
  • Closing control times are reduced from 4 hours to 1/2 hour. Data consolidation is 3 times faster. SVR saves 2 days on its closing process
  • The implementation of the DODECA solution secures and optimizes the existing system.
  • SVR has capitalized on the Essbase backbone, which gives full satisfaction in terms of both modeling and performance