analytic platform
speed execution
+1 000 000
queries per day
    • Integration of Data from an Old Source System: Integrate data from an outdated source system (AIMS). It required several transformations using Python functions to format the data in a way that could be interpreted by modern storage tools.

    • Adoption of DevOps: Another significant challenge was assisting the client in developing competency in DevOps culture and the continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practice.
  • Analytic Platform Modernization: Establishment of an elastic and flexible environment through the migration from on-premises to a cloud analytic platform.


  • The SqlServer data base is transferred to snowflake using Fivetran, and all excel transformations are ported to DBT​


  • Support and Training: Assistance in the adoption of the new solution by Air Transat's teams, especially for the integration of new data sources.
  • Tangible Project Outcomes: This initiative laid the foundation according to best practices for future BI projects at Air Transat, enabling them to autonomously integrate new data sources.
  • Impact on the Enterprise or Client: By demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of a cloud analytic platform through an MVP, the project met its initial objectives