analytic platform
speed execution
+1 000 000
queries per day
  • The company is starting to transition to the Cloud, and wants all new projects to be cloud-native, while migrating existing assets.
  • The amount of data to be ported to the new analytics platform built around Snowflake / PBI is substantial
  • Solution BI's expertise in the Modern Data Stack environment means that existing data can be migrated in batches, with a rapid initial set-up. A study of the customer's needs and in-house skills enables him to choose the components that correspond to his DNA
  • The SqlServer data base is transferred to snowflake using Fivetran, and all excel transformations are ported to DBT
  • Each business line is able to identify the data to be ported to snowflake to meet their use case and build on those that have already been migrated.
  • The Data team was able to put in place a solid framework and automatically re-deploy it as new use cases were taken on board.
  • The impact of analytics on operational databases is under control