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Discover BIG AIR®, the very first 100% dedicated offering for building Snowflake data applications. Our Snowflake experts and Data Scientists join forces to provide you with a turnkey approach from ideation to production.
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Our Packaged Offerings

  • We support you from ideation to production.
  • 7 key steps: #1 Discovery (business needs, data, UX), #2 Design, #3 Validation, #4 Development, #5 Deployment (security, monitoring, lifecycle), #6 Testing, #7 Support
  • For a quick start, choose from 3 bundled offerings. Select the size and complexity of your application from S, M, or L, and we'll take care of the rest.
  • For a more tailored approach, opt for our Custom offering, and we'll work with you to build the approach that suits your needs.

With BIG AIR®, get your business applications off the ground by rapidly creating tailor-made AI-powered data applications. We're ready for you! Are you ready?

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