GO TO CLOUD Move your analytics to the cloud


GO-TO-CLOUD: The A to Z of moving your analytics to the cloud

Accelerate and secure the transition of your analytics to the cloud.

The new era of cloud-based platforms and analytics focuses on 5 points:

  • Collaboration within the company
  • Improving competitiveness
  • Growth
  • Adapting to the many challenges
  • Supporting continued improvement and innovation

Analytics agility finally takes its rightful place thanks to the cloud!

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An A to Z offer, with everything you need to benefit from the fast, guaranteed advantages of cloud analytics!


Accelerators to secure your migration project!

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Manage your consumption

Keep an eye on the storage and usage costs of all your data storage platforms 

Manage your roles

Analyze at a glance the roles that consume more

Manage your users

Quickly analyze details of the execution of user orders

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