Strategic Expansion in Asia-Pacific: New Offices in Thailand

28 novembre 2023

Founded in 2009, Solution BI has been expanding in Asia since 2016, with the recent inauguration of offices in Bangkok, city that will be playing a pivotal role in the transition to Thailand 4.0.

Thailand's ambitious 4.0 vision is aligned with the global transition toward a digital economy, and Solution BI wishes to support this vision by leveraging its expertise in data, Finance, and Agility.

This initiative reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of the global digital economic evolution and continue to play a key role in the technological and economic transformation in Southeast Asia.

« Thailand has emerged as a crucial and strategic player in the development of ASEAN. Our decision to establish a subsidiary in Bangkok is based on two objectives: supporting the technological initiative Thailand 4.0 and strengthening our APAC presence with highly qualified local professionals capable of fulfilling the high demand in the region in collaboration with our subsidiaries in Cambodia, Australia, and Singapore.», says Emmanuel RIFF, CEO of Solution BI Thailand.

The vision behind Thailand 4.0 is to promote economic growth through innovation. Faced with increasing global competition, Thailand i making significant investment to stimulate a new phase of economic growth and overcome the middle-income trap while addressing development disparities.

This government initiative aims to position Thailand as a technology-driven, creative, and sustainable economy by introducing significant advancements in technology, industry, and society.

Thailand 4.0 - Solution Bi Thailand


We are proud to bring into the APAC region a high level of maturity and experience with global organisations giving us the legitimacy to assist companies regardless of their size and challenge.

Are you seeking experts to guide you in migrating your data, modifying your IT system, or advising you to be ready for Thailand 4.0?

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Emmanuel RIFF, CEO