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Preparing financial statements is hard work. Every month, you have to extract crucial data from different systems, ledgers and offline data. Even after consolidation and several rounds of updates, you need to carry out review checks to ensure data accuracy and completeness. You cross your fingers and hope there are no errors.

But why not automate the tedious tasks and let the real work begin? Simplify the production of monthly financial statements with the Workiva platform: by connecting data directly to your statements from your systems and sources, you'll increase accuracy and reduce risk.

  • Map your accounts from multiple systems, entities or ledgers into a single spreadsheet, so everything comes together neatly and automatically.
  • Do all your preparation as a team, at the same time and in the same place.Clean up and transform data to assemble monthly and quarterly financial statements.
  • Access figures in real time so analysis can begin.
  • Refresh your connected data and see updates everywhere in seconds, every time there's a change.
  • What's more, Workiva's connected reporting platform automates preventive checks, reducing the likelihood of errors and breakdowns in your process - no more late-night checks.

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At last, data collection and feedback made easy

  • Instead of grouping data together, everything is in one place, making it easy to prepare, summarize and instantly break down millions of lines of data. 

Update everything with a single click

  • Connect data directly from ERP, consolidation and other systems to your income statements and balance sheets, and transfer the information to your cash flow statement and all the analyses that depend on it.

The right people, in the right place, with the right authorizations

  • Grant edit or view-only access to contributors, as well as internal and external stakeholders, right down to individual cells, slides and sections. 

Less stress with every cycle

  • Last-minute changes to figures and text flow through all your reports in seconds.