Automation of Corporate and IT budget processes

  • Practice
  • Team

1 data architect, 2 consultants

  • Technical environment
integrating new data sources
2 new cubes
  • Automation of budget processes for Corporate and IT departments.
  • Complexity of P&L budget consolidation.
  • Management and allocation of IT costs requiring precise distribution keys.

  • Challenge of transforming data from legacy source systems.

  • Adoption of DevOps and CI/CD practices.
  • Implementation of Vena to automate budget processes and set up workflows for each activity, defining clear deadlines.

  • Creation of two cubes, Corporate and IT, to facilitate consolidation and cost allocation, as well as the creation of specific reports and templates.

  • Standardized and department-specific data entry forms.

  • Development of reports enabling comparison of different scenarios (budget vs actual), to improve decision-making.
  • Time-saving budgeting

  • The creation of the Corporate and IT cubes simplified the cost allocation process, making it more transparent and manageable for the IT team.
  • DivcoWest's autonomy in integrating new data sources and managing budget processes, thanks to team training and support.

  • The customer's satisfaction with the results obtained led to the request for new phases in the project