What is Data for Breakfast?

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Data for Breakfast

"Data for Breakfast" is a series of international events organized by Snowflake, aimed at transforming businesses through strategic data use. Held in over 100 cities worldwide typically between February and April each year, these events offer a unique opportunity for data professionals to start their day with a dose of inspiration and innovation.

During these enriching mornings, attendees enjoy breakfast while learning how to build a solid data foundation that unlocks artificial intelligence innovation, all within Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Each "Data for Breakfast" session is designed to equip data professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to unify siloed data, work seamlessly across multiple clouds, and utilize AI and Machine Learning to develop applications. By participating in these events, professionals can experience a full range of innovations, hear from data leaders, and witness live demonstrations that showcase the power and simplicity of the Snowflake platform.


How Data for Breakfast works

The "Data for Breakfast" events offer an immersive experience for data professionals, structured around a dynamic agenda that combines learning, experience sharing, and networking.

Participants are typically welcomed around 8:30 AM for a breakfast where they can network. At 9:30 AM, the session begins with an in-depth introduction to Snowflake's Data Cloud, explaining how attendees can accelerate their data strategy to leverage innovations in AI, ML, and applications.

Technical Sessions and Live Demonstrations

After the break, sessions often resume with technical demonstrations, showing the real-time use and benefits of Snowflake. For instance, if you had attended the "Data for Breakfast" in Lyon on March 26th, you would have experienced a session titled "Optimizing Financial Functions with Snowflake." Arnaud Col, Data Architect and Snowflake Data Hero, co-presented with Selim Meskine from Danone, illustrating the work done by Solution BI to help Danone integrate Snowflake for enhancing their financial processes.





This presentation highlighted the tangible benefits of Snowflake, such as improved data access, increased efficiency of financial reporting, and the ability to perform more complex and predictive analyses.


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