What is Data for Breakfast?

"Data for Breakfast" is a series of international events organized by Snowflake, aimed at transforming businesses through strategic data use. Held in...

What is a Data Superhero?

A Data Superhero is a term coined by Snowflake to denote a distinction awarded to experts who demonstrate exceptional expertise and active engagement...

Long Live Data Metric Functions!

A new object arrives in Snowflake... the Data Metric Function! You can use standard functions or create your own to measure the quality of your data....

The state of the art in Snowflake Governance

The Context Imagine you're the new CIO of an international group.

Agile Transformation: Driving Data-Driven Change for Business Success

by Charles Parat, Data Consulting Director

🏆 Snowflake Partner for 5th Consecutive Year

We are proud to announce that Solution BI Group has been distinguished as a "Service Partner Premier" by Snowflake for the year 2024. Many thanks to...

Performance management: choosing the right KPI!

by Charles Parat, Data Consulting Director

Questions to ask before creating your data lake

If data were oil, we would need to find the deposit! Storing and accessing big data is a core issue within the overall Business Intelligence process....

4 Ways to Become a Data-driven Enterprise

We can never tell you enough: your data is a treasure! Bet on your data to change everything in 4 steps.