🏆 Snowflake Partner for 5th Consecutive Year

Baptiste Verger Mon December 18, 2023

Snowflake Partnership

We are proud to announce that Solution BI Group has been distinguished as a "Service Partner Premier" by Snowflake for the year 2024.

Many thanks to our extraordinary consultants! Their skill and hard work have been essential in the realization of over 20 collaborative projects in recent years, illustrating our strong partnership with Snowflake.


A relationship built over time

In 2018 we became a Snowflake partner for the first time. This consideration was a real honor and a reward for the hard work of all our employees who have worked on projects with this technology. Indeed, for us, the title of "Partner" symbolizes confidence in our expertise in data analysis and business intelligence services. In other words, we are recognized for our technical expertise, our ability to implement innovative solutions and our commitment to customer satisfaction. For 2024, we retain our Services Partner Premier designation, which in the industry is a mark of trust and quality, highlighting our leadership position and our commitment to delivering outstanding data services.

Our Snowflake expertise

At Solution BI, our expertise with Snowflake is reflected in over twenty innovative and diverse projects. For example, in our real-time BI project, our certified consultants integrated data from 180 separate databases in the cloud, using Snowflake to improve performance and scalability. In the field of data science applied to commodities, our collaboration with Snowflake enabled us to automate the collection and analysis of market data, generating significant savings and offering a reliable view of the market. In addition, our budget planning project in Power BI, thanks to the integration of Snowflake for data storage, has optimized and standardized budget processes, enabling more accurate planning and better analysis of market dynamics. These projects illustrate our ability to leverage Snowflake technology to deliver tailor-made, efficient solutions, reinforcing our position as a leader in business intelligence and data analysis.

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