The simple and efficient replication tool designed for the Cloud

Fivetran is a newcomer that revolutionizes cloud data integration.

Extremely easy to use, it requires virtually no code expertise and directly provides connectors for all the sources and destinations you’ll need, and manages their maintenance and update.

Designed for cloud computing, Fivetran offers pre-built data models to facilitate data integration and get straight to the heart of your analysis.

The other major advantage of Fivetran is its pricing model: scalable and reflective of actual usage. By starting small projects with this tool or by starting to test the tool as part of a project, you can accomplish a lot without a huge investment.

Combined with the intelligent opensource query builder DBT that leverages SQL databases for transformation and update power, Fivetran becomes the ideal partner for controlled expansion of your data assets in the cloud.


Our expertise


Our teams easily enthused our customers' BI teams to rapidly transpose their on-premise ETL experience into development and production performance on the cloud. Our capitalization on Fivetran projects has led us to develop an automated Extract & Laod deployment framework within the DevOps pipeline.

This operating mode enables us to deploy complete environments adapted to our customers' contexts in a matter of hours, and get projects up and running quickly on a perfectly governed cloud platform.

Other key information

  • With more than 300 connectors available in a few clicks, all you have to do is enter the connection information and the data is automatically synchronized in real time in the target lake or data warehouse

  • This speeds up the delivery of data for companies that need to understand and qualify this data and deduce the best uses for it

  • Once the data is replicated, a DBT module completes the integration pipeline by adding a transformation layer entrusted to the power of the databases

  • The pay-per-use pricing model (volume of data processed) limits the initial investment and guarantees an efficient ramp-up, respecting both the needs and the deployment plans

  • Beyond the analytical sphere, Fivetran is also an excellent solution for synchronizing data and applications in transactional domains.