The Intelligent Platform for Complete Planning Natively Integrated With Microsoft 365

Vena connects people, existing systems and data to power finance-led business planning and real-time reporting. Vena’s Excel interface combines unmatched integrated planning capabilities with the world’s leading spreadsheet platform so cross-functional teams can work together under a shared vision . Over 800 of the world’s smartest companies map out their growth journeys with Vena.

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Our expertise

Solution BI , your trusted partner of Vena Solutions

We believe that Vena Solutions is a leading tool in its field, offering the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: The software is highly customizable and user friendly.
  • Support: Vena has the most experienced team of finance process management and technology experts in the industry.  
  • Integration: Powerful ETL allowing you to easily transform and load data from several external sources without manual manipulation

Other key information

  • Many projects performed in many different environments
  • Some migration from on premise environment to VENA.
  • Training session performed by our  accredited training academy