Solution BI mobilizes teams with SquadEasy Wed October 4, 2023

At Solution BI, the human factor is important !
In order to counteract social distancing during the pandemic, Solution BI chose SquadEasy, an app that promotes sports, good habits of well-being and eco-responsibility in a playful way

Started in the spring of 2020 by Solution BI Canada during the first containment, the challenge was extended to the +250 employees of the 7 Solution BI entities the following year. A boon after two years without a seminar!
This was an opportunity for us to create throughout the year sports challenges between the different entities and to answer questions of general culture, and thus create a link between the 7 entities after 3 years without a seminar.


The latest event

From September 22 to October 13, the "SBI OCTOBER CHALLENGE" with 2 major goals:

1. to mobilize all the teams of our 7 entities through various sports and general culture challenges to offset the carbon footprint of the flights made during the annual seminar in Marrakech* from October 13th to 16t.

*178 participants from 7 different countries attended the seminar.
= 209.4 tons of CO2 eq**

**based on calculator


2. to commit to Pink October in order to raise awareness internally about breast cancer screening and to raise funds for research


The results were as high as the stakes

In total, no less than 22,000 km (the objective was 15,000 km!) were covered by all participating employees as part of the solidarity mission through the running, cycling and walking challenges.


Mission accomplished

We can say it! The mission is largely accomplished!

1. The 210 tons of the carbon footprint of the flights of all the employees has also been 100% compensated through the PlanetAIR organization which gathers a portfolio of Carbon Offset projects, all of them certified Gold Standard World

To find out more :


2. Thanks to the success of the solidarity mission, we raised $4000 for Le Ruban Rose, Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, the campaign that raises awareness about the risks of breast cancer.



Solution BI makes a long-term commitment

Solution BI has been committed for several years to an eco-responsible approach by setting up ESG committees and managers within our various entities and the necessary actions (training, workshops, etc.) to raise awareness, measure the impact and limit as much as possible our carbon footprint on our internal activities.



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