Performance management: choosing the right KPI!

by Charles Parat, Data Consulting Director

Questions to ask before creating your data lake

If data were oil, we would need to find the deposit! Storing and accessing big data is a core issue within the overall Business Intelligence process....

Process Intelligence : understand how data flows

by Charles Parat, Data Consulting Director

How Artificial Intelligence matters in Cybersecurity

by Haythem Ben Rhouma, Mounia Hadhoud, Idles Mamou et Houda Hanzouli

Success Factors for Finance Function Transformation - Part #3

#3 - CHOOSE THE TOOL SUITED TO YOUR NEEDS AND CHALLENGES In a transformation project, choosing the solution is a crucial step. If you are aiming for...

Snowflake's Stock Exchange Debut: How Cloud BI Will Grow

Snowflake’s listing on the Stock Exchange in September 2020 allowed the company to accelerate its expansion and demonstrate its ambition:...

Advanced Analytics: adapt to your audience

By Charles Parat, Data Consulting Director

Solution BI mobilizes teams with SquadEasy

At Solution BI, the human factor is important ! In order to counteract social distancing during the pandemic, Solution BI chose SquadEasy, an app...

Data professions: Where Science Meets the User Experience

As corporate data analysis grows, new skills are needed. This is giving rise to new professions dedicated to data but also to the cloud, which makes...