Une plateforme unifiée de traitement des données

Databricks is a unified platform for end-to-end data analysis. Its Delta Lake datalake is an open-source storage layer that brings reliability to datalakes through ACID transactions.

Databricks natively integrates the Spark distributed data processing processor, which dramatically accelerates the exploration, analysis and implementation of Data Science models.

Tracking, benchmarking and monitoring of ML models is possible with the (MLFlow) package. For data visualization, in addition to its dashboarding system, you can connect your data to tools such as Power BI, Tableau and QLIK.

Our expertise

Solution BI has been delivering Databricks expertise since 2021
  • Databricks-based architecture recommendation
  • Active participation in the Databricks migration plan for one of our customers
  • Migration of a Databricks /AWS use case to Azure Databricks
  • Creation of a dashboard to monitor Databricks usage.
  • Technical support

Other key information

  • 18 user guides 
  • 15+ training sessions
  • 20+ people trained
  • Ongoing support for the Databricks user community